Wednesday, January 25, 2012

76 degrees in January

What wacky weather we are having down here in Alabama!! Today was my half day at work and the same night we have our group run. I had 8 miles planned for the day. I had planned on going early and meeting the group at 5:30 for the final 3 miles. But with weather as nice as it was and I was off work for the afternoon so what better thing to do but run! Why stay inside and clean the house when the sun as out!!
It was a nice run! I was trying to use a piece of advice I just received about training for a marathon. Go Slower! You would think that was easy, it was mentally challenging to try and change pace. It didn't dawn on me to do your long runs at :30-60 seconds slower the race pace until I talked with Alex this past weekend. And when he explained it so you get used to being out there on actually race day your legs won't want to give up. Which makes so much sense after hearing it out loud! So I thought I would try that today on my 8 mile run, and after hearing my 1st split (yes hearing Nike+ gps app on he iPhone) and it was 8:45, I knew I had to work at going slower! Who knew it would be a mental run as well as physical today! But I am going to take this advice with me on Sunday as I have 17 miles to run!
I am happy to keep learning new things as I pursue this journey towards my first marathon that I clearly remember saying I would never do!

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