Friday, February 9, 2018

Let Training Begin.......

I was going to write a recap of the last 4 years but why live in the past when the present and future are right in front of me. The past is in the past and parts of it of course made me who I am today but some I don't know that I want to go back to. So lets just leave it there, and I am sure in conversation parts will come up. But lets focus on today and beyond!
So lets focus on today! And today and this week I am focusing on Bayshore Half Marathon! It is 16 (short) weeks away!! And I am starting a new training cycle. I have learned that running and training are different now that I am a mother. Motherhood changes many aspects of life and its true for running as well. But everyday I learn to make it work, some days better then others. Last year after I had Brody I returned to running and I had (training) plans, but I was a bit to optimistic when I had them laid out. And looking back I set my self up for disappointment, but not this year. This year I am being smart and training for where I am today not where I was 3-4 years ago. I may have the same drive but physically I am different. And it has taken me some time to accept that, but I am at peace with that now. Again, something to be addressed just not today. Let's focus on one thing at a time! Right now, this week it is getting on track to train for Bayshore Half Marathon. It is just 16 weeks away, and I am going to work hard and work on new life/post baby PR.
I have never been to Bayshore, but for most runners in the state of Michigan it's one of the "Must Run" races in the state. It is up in Traverse City, which is a beautiful area of the state. And one that I have sadly not spent anytime in. So we are going up for the whole weekend with our camper. Oh and the race is Memorial Day weekend.....Bonus!! So after the race my husband, son and I can enjoy and explore the area.
As for training, I mean this is supposed to be somewhat of a running blog, I am back to using a coach. I had been using a coach prior to pregnancy and then well, took a break. Along with pregnancy there was a little burn out as well, but thats for a different time. But I am back to using a coach, and actually I am reconnecting with an old running buddy from down in Alabama. I am excited to be on a schedule and to see what he's got in store. Along with a little be a little nervous as I want to do well and not disappoint.  So I hope that you will follow along with my journey either via the blog or Instagram or strava! And I will take any encouragement and pushes along the way.

My running partner
as for the blog moving forward, if I write it down it makes me accountable right?! So I hope to write at least 1 weekly recap of my week of training and 1 post of something interest to me that I hope will interest you.

Keep running or Strolling.....

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Well its been awhile.....

Its been a while and my have some things changed since my last post. As the blog title states, Never say Never.....well that also implies to my life as well. My husband and I were the never having a child couple, well on June 2, 2016 that changed! Hello Brody Klayton! And we could not be any happier!

So what has been going on since my last post in 2013....quite a lot! So much that trying to do a cliff note recap version was going to be just too much. So I think I will leave each year to a future blog post. It has been an eventful 4+ years with of course ups and downs in life and in running. There have been tears of joys and sadness. There have been celebrations on many occasions. But its been life and we all have one and each story is different as is each chapter in our own story of life. 

Why blog again?
I just felt as if I wanted to write again. So much goes on and sometimes I forget to slow down and take it all in and remember it. And when I was blogging before if I had no one reading or a dozen reading my blog I got my memories and experience written to share and for me to remember. and now that I have this new life and the elusive mom brain, I want to share and remember the new adventures in life. 

I am still a runner and that will be the focus, but I am now a Mother Runner and want to share my adventures of becoming a mother runner! If I can help one other mother runner out there then awesome, or connect with other mothers to help each other out then it will be all worth it. Also for the first year of Brody's life it was all about him and all the focus was on him and I took a bit of backseat. Well I am now ready to balance more of my focus on him, family, and myself. I have goals for running and this will be a way to document and keep myself accountable. 

My short term goal is to get one blog post up a week, but will try to do recap of the past couple years in the next couple posts in the next week. And from then on be in the present and future! So I hope you will join in on my journey. And until I get the next post up visit some previous posts! And click the link above to follow along on Instagram!