Who I am

I started running in March 2010. I started after being unhappy with my weight, and thought I could do it! I do remember saying I would never be a runner. I swam in high school and college and I thought I was done with training. But as soon as I started the athlete came back. When I started I wanted to try and run a 5k. So I did, then a 10k...but I do know after that I said that I would never run a  half marathon let alone a full marathon! And now here we are and I'm still running and always on the look out for the next race....

Running has become such a fun adventure and I am not sure it will be ending any time soon!

1st half marathon, Talladega

I am a Michigan girl at heart, and lived in Alabama for 8 years. And that is where my running life started! My husband (and best friend) have been together for many many wonderful years!  We live with our dogs, Morgan the pug along with Brady & Bo the Boston terriers we call "midgets".
Bo and Brady

My Mike

At work...
I am a Veterinary Technician and Veterinary Technician Specialist in Dentistry. So in a easy way to describe my occupation, a animal nurse or an animal dental hygienist. Yes you really do need to brush your dog and cat's teeth! 

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