Saturday, February 25, 2012

last long long run till THE long run

So today was a 21miler!! And seeing that I have been somewhat injured had no idea how it was going to go. This past week, the IT Band had been behaving itself, the tightness and pain had been decreasing. I guess the stretches, ice, foam roller, and exercises have been doing something. The run started ok, especially for starting at 4:30 AM!! yes, this is the earliest i have ever started to run or even swim when I swam in highschool or college!! but i think by mile 8 everything started to get tight. Not painful just tight!! But I made my self fight through it! it was mind over body!!! I did walk up and down the steep hills that we have to encounter through our run, that just help lessen the discomfort! I did almost quit at mile 20.25, i was so close to home and thought "its close enough to 21" but I told myself F*@& IT I CAN DO IT!! its only .75 of a mile. So I mentally told my legs to go! It really was a mind over body, and that is one thing I have learned about running, it is just as much mental as it physical! I am happy I did the 21 it let me know that I think I really can run a marathon!! It was my 4th 20+ mile run in the last 2 months, so I feel as if I am prepared! now to just get the ITband straight!! Onto the foam roller I go!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

28 days to go!

Well it is 28 days and counting until the first Full Marathon!! Georgia Marathon there is no turning back now!! Even with an uninvited pain in the ass...that being my IT band! I had the same problem last year when I was training for my first half marathon, but on the left leg, this year right leg. And the part that stinks is that I thought I had learned what to do different...but i guess i didn't learn well enough! So this week I have visited 2 doctors with 2 opinions but I do believe the 2nd one, being a IT band flare up! So I am in rehab and rehab quickly mode! I will be doing everything to get the pain to decrease as quickly as possible!! I made a visit to Fleet Feet, a place I have been visiting way to much here lately! But I got my self and evil device called a foam roller. The first day I day I used it...the pain and discomfort was horrible!! But I know that I have to keep at it!! want to be as pain free at the start of the marathon because I know there will be plenty of pain at the end!! So this upcoming week will all about getting better and hopefully have as little pain while running my last long run this upcoming Saturday!!
Evil but worth it...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I love about Running

I saw that #runchat was having a contest and it is an interesting one....write 10 things you love about running. So that made me think what do i love about running? Let's see if I can list 10....
10~ Clothes...
 I know it's not high fashion but it can be! Any time I can go into a store and look at new running clothes it does add a smile to my face. I am a big fan or Under Armor, Nike, Brooks and now if I could afford Lululemon I would be in Heaven!!
Lululemon How Cute?!

9~ GU...
Peach Tea!
I never thought I would say that, but GU Chomps are so yummy at 4:45am when about to go out for a run. Peach tea is my favorite, plus has the most caffeine! Then off course how could you not like Chocolate! Chocolate brownie taste in a packet!! Now if Chocolate and Peanut Butter could combine...that would be heaven!!

Not something many people may love, but the feeling of being done with a work out and seeing the sweat you know it was a great work out!!

Yes a gadget, one that I have only had for a week now, but I do love it!! I had the Nike+ sports band prior to this and it worked great! It was great for me being a beginner. But this Garmin has already taught me so much about my running! I see it being very helpful!!

6~ Shoes
What girl doesn't love shoes!? Just never thought I would enjoy running shoes as much as my flip flops and heels! and just me i have few pair of heels that I love! I am currently running in Asics GT-2170 but I am thinking of changing to Brooks..have to visit my favorite running shop, Fleet Feet to try it out!

5~You Tube Videos about Running.
just watch no need to say anymore!!

After Montgomery Half as soon after running a race, I am not usually a big beer drinker, I enjoy captain and coke zero myself, but never thought beer at 9am would taste so good..especially after a great race!!

The amazing feeling after finishing a run and knowing it has become of your longest runs yet! Yes there is some pain involved but such a amazing feeling knowing that you set out to run #miles and finished all the #miles!!

Me & Husband after 1st Half-Marathon!
This kinda goes along with accomplishment! Its a piece of hardware that gives you a daily reminder of the hard work that you have done to meet the goal you have worked so hard for!! I remember almost crying when I crossed the finish line at my 1st half-marathon. Now I wonder will I really cry when I cross the finish line after doing my 1st full Marathon in 5 weeks? I am guess so!!

HERG running group 
Without finding the group that I currently run with I am almost certain that when I finished that 1st half marathon that would have been my only one! I am so happy that I have found a great group of people to run with. And along the way I can call them my friends!! I also have fun everyday that I am out there running!! If I start not having fun...i will have to find something else to do!

Well finding 10 things I love about running was a little easier then I thought! some may be silly, but it is a true passion in my life and i am so happy to have discovered it and stuck with it!!

Monday, February 6, 2012

22 Miles during a taper week?!?!

This is what I am working for!!
This past Saturday I had one of my longest runs planned in training for my 1st Full Marathon, The Publix Georgia Marathon,  which again I never thought I would say I would do! But I am getting excited and a bit nervous. But after this past run, I am feeling a little better about it. I had 22 scheduled to run, but everyone in my running group is on taper mode for the Mercedes Marathon. So they only had 10-12 miles to run. needless to say I knew going into the run i would be by myself for at least 10-12 miles!
The forecast had called for rain, which i was not so happy about! But when I woke up, the rain was gone and the temp was perfect!! It was not to cold and not to warm. I even ran in capri's and tank!! Which for me is out of the ordianary! I am usually the cold one!! At the start of the run everything felt great! Even at mile 10 everything felt great! Then I was on my own, with my iPod!! and Silly me decided I need to find extra miles, try some new areas...but those areas just happen to be some of the hilliest areas, maybe not the greatest idea, but at the time i needed to find some miles! After looking at my training log from my new Garmin it showed what not a good idea it was. I know that Georgia will be hilly, so maybe in the long run it will work out!!

My new running toy!
But what I did learn, is running with people is such a help!! Not only mentally but physically!! I wish all my running friends best of luck this weekend at the Mercedes Marathon, and I sooooo can't wait till its my taper week!!

I also learned that after doing 22miles, I think I really can do another 4.2!!