Saturday, February 25, 2012

last long long run till THE long run

So today was a 21miler!! And seeing that I have been somewhat injured had no idea how it was going to go. This past week, the IT Band had been behaving itself, the tightness and pain had been decreasing. I guess the stretches, ice, foam roller, and exercises have been doing something. The run started ok, especially for starting at 4:30 AM!! yes, this is the earliest i have ever started to run or even swim when I swam in highschool or college!! but i think by mile 8 everything started to get tight. Not painful just tight!! But I made my self fight through it! it was mind over body!!! I did walk up and down the steep hills that we have to encounter through our run, that just help lessen the discomfort! I did almost quit at mile 20.25, i was so close to home and thought "its close enough to 21" but I told myself F*@& IT I CAN DO IT!! its only .75 of a mile. So I mentally told my legs to go! It really was a mind over body, and that is one thing I have learned about running, it is just as much mental as it physical! I am happy I did the 21 it let me know that I think I really can run a marathon!! It was my 4th 20+ mile run in the last 2 months, so I feel as if I am prepared! now to just get the ITband straight!! Onto the foam roller I go!!

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