Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What I love about Running

I saw that #runchat was having a contest and it is an interesting one....write 10 things you love about running. So that made me think what do i love about running? Let's see if I can list 10....
10~ Clothes...
 I know it's not high fashion but it can be! Any time I can go into a store and look at new running clothes it does add a smile to my face. I am a big fan or Under Armor, Nike, Brooks and now if I could afford Lululemon I would be in Heaven!!
Lululemon How Cute?!

9~ GU...
Peach Tea!
I never thought I would say that, but GU Chomps are so yummy at 4:45am when about to go out for a run. Peach tea is my favorite, plus has the most caffeine! Then off course how could you not like Chocolate! Chocolate brownie taste in a packet!! Now if Chocolate and Peanut Butter could combine...that would be heaven!!

Not something many people may love, but the feeling of being done with a work out and seeing the sweat you know it was a great work out!!

Yes a gadget, one that I have only had for a week now, but I do love it!! I had the Nike+ sports band prior to this and it worked great! It was great for me being a beginner. But this Garmin has already taught me so much about my running! I see it being very helpful!!

6~ Shoes
What girl doesn't love shoes!? Just never thought I would enjoy running shoes as much as my flip flops and heels! and just me i have few pair of heels that I love! I am currently running in Asics GT-2170 but I am thinking of changing to Brooks..have to visit my favorite running shop, Fleet Feet to try it out!

5~You Tube Videos about Running.
just watch no need to say anymore!!

After Montgomery Half as soon after running a race, I am not usually a big beer drinker, I enjoy captain and coke zero myself, but never thought beer at 9am would taste so good..especially after a great race!!

The amazing feeling after finishing a run and knowing it has become of your longest runs yet! Yes there is some pain involved but such a amazing feeling knowing that you set out to run #miles and finished all the #miles!!

Me & Husband after 1st Half-Marathon!
This kinda goes along with accomplishment! Its a piece of hardware that gives you a daily reminder of the hard work that you have done to meet the goal you have worked so hard for!! I remember almost crying when I crossed the finish line at my 1st half-marathon. Now I wonder will I really cry when I cross the finish line after doing my 1st full Marathon in 5 weeks? I am guess so!!

HERG running group 
Without finding the group that I currently run with I am almost certain that when I finished that 1st half marathon that would have been my only one! I am so happy that I have found a great group of people to run with. And along the way I can call them my friends!! I also have fun everyday that I am out there running!! If I start not having fun...i will have to find something else to do!

Well finding 10 things I love about running was a little easier then I thought! some may be silly, but it is a true passion in my life and i am so happy to have discovered it and stuck with it!!

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