Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the week after Detroit Marathon

It is now over a week post the Detroit Marathon. And I am able to walk with out a gimp any longer and I have even gotten a few runs in! On Saturday I went on my 1st run back, and yes it felt slow and the legs a little heavy but no pain or discomfort! So I was happy to be able to run seeing that I had the Wicked Halloween 10k race to run in on Sunday. Yes it was a race, but I was not racing it, it was for yet another easy recovery run. It was fun I traveled with one of my friends, Kristen, from East Lansing and meet up with Sharry who I met via twitter but finally in person at the Detroit Expo. & we got into the full occasion of the event! I also go to finally met Megan from Watch Me Go Run.
Megan as the Bee, me as Dorothy, Sharry as Pippi, & Kristen as Minnie

It was a really nice route and great set up for a race. Next year the running company who puts this on is doing a Triple Crown with their races! Run all 3 get an extra medal! It's all about the bling right!!

But since the real race has come and gone, I have time to reflect on the race. And think of what I did right and wrong.

I feel that my training was spot on! With a huge thanks to my coach Alex with Resolute Running. My carb loading was spot on as well, and this was the first time I did it the proper way. Eating a bowl of spaghetti the night before is just not enough I found out! My hydration was great ---the day before and the morning of the race. Where I went wrong was during the race! I kept reminding those I was running with to get water at the aid stations, but I who was holding my own water bottle did not drink enough. I think that is why my nausea/vomit issues came into play. At least I have learned and will improve on the next one! As for the next one (Marathon), it will be at Flying Pig Marathon. I have other races starting to get lined up...but that's another post to follow next week sometime! 

Monday, October 22, 2012

26.2 miles around Detroit!

Mine all Mine!!!
WOW!!! That is how I am starting this off! Detroit Marathon is in the books and I am still smiling about it. I would say I'm jumping up and down with joy but that is NOT happening today, walking is hard enough right now! So in my previous post I did not actually state my goals. This time I will. My goals were simple....
A- Finish and have fun!
B- Finish at 4:00
C- Finish at 4:15
D- Finish at 4:20

Official Results!! Acomplished Goal A and a mixture of B & C!
This was only my 2nd marathon, and I have learned a lot from this one. And I know I have so much more to learn as well! I am really proud of my accomplishment! I have so many people to thank for the support and encougement along the way to this point! My husband, for dealing with my crazy runner self! Stefanie for being there and giving my the courage to run my 1st marathon in March. The Helena Endurance Running Group, for being my 1st running group. Alex for being an awesome coach even from afar! The whole Resolute Running team!! The Village Runners for their support from 700 miles away. And my new running friends here in Michigan. Yes running is a solo sport, but you can not deny the fact that having support is also a huge part in running as well.

One of my friends and Resolute Running team mate came up from Alabama to run the Detroit Marathon! He was also looking to get a PR and he CRUSHED his goal time by 2mins! Why go 3:30 when you can go 3:28?! Vann Rocked it!!
Team RR prior to the Race!
As for the was awesome! I felt great went right to plan just as it was planned out. Yes I was a little fast at times but what can you do. The only down fall was some stomach issues. I had a few bouts of vomit and dry heaves (after the vomit). This started around mile 17-18. When I hit Belle Islle which were miles 19-22 is when I had to focus and recoup some. I made sure to walk and drink a full cup of water and gatorade at each of the water stops. I think that had I not done that I would have had a much harder time finishing! When I got to mile 22-23 I felt better and I then dug as deep as I possible could and finished hard and strong! I hit the last water stop at 24 and ran and drank and then I just took off for the finish. Looking at my garmin I knew with 3 miles left I still could break 4:15 mark! I truely believe that had it not been for the stomach issues I would had been right on for that 4hour mark, but "it is what it is" and I will now have a new goal to achieve! I am still really proud of this time though, I am not second guessing anything I did yesterday! I know I gave it my all!!
I ran this race with one of my new friends here in Michigan. It was Chelsea's  1st marathon and she ROCKED it! I wish I could have finished with her, but with my own issues she did get a few minutes ahead of me. 
Chelsea & I Prior to the start!

Next year I think I will run the half and enjoy it, and take some pictures of all the amazing sights of Canada and America all in one race! 

All DONE!! 

Now to enjoy a little rest.......
& get back on the roads later this weekend for a fun Halloween run! I got my Dorothy costume all ready to go! I think I should be able to run 6miles this weekend (i hope!!) 
And of course start making my goals for 2013!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taper time, a time to reflect

Just 4 short days away from the day I have waiting for many months now! When I signed up for the Detroit Marathon I still had not run my 1st marathon, and I had only ran a 20mile run once! But I was already signed up for the Georgia Marathon and I signed up for Detroit the 1st week that registration opened so I got in for a bargain! At the time I signed up I figured I would use the weekend to go up to Michigan visit family because I was still living in Alabama. Hows things have I am back living in Michigan!  
I am taking this taper time as a time to reflect a bit on this journey to the Detroit Marathon. 

As many of you know I started running while I was living in Alabama. I met a great group of people that have helped, and encouraged myself and others on obtaining their goals. You can read about my running family here----> Running Family 
So when I made the move to Michigan I was a bit scared and worried about finding a new family. And I can honestly say I have found a new running family. I am still getting to know everyone but we have had some great long runs and midweek beer runs and of course the new Monday night cupcakes runs! I am happy to have found a new runner partner. Part way through the summer I found out she was also running Detroit as her 1st marathon! And we have started to do some of our long weekend runs together, and now in 4 days we will be running together to achieve the same goal. 

Taper time---> some don't like it. Me I enjoy it and embrace it. I enjoy having less running miles and a few days off. Makes that next time to run even more exciting and fresh. And that is what I am hoping for on Sunday. Fresh legs and major excitement!

Goal--> I have one and I almost afraid to say it out loud as in possible jinking it! I have been working hard and next week I will tell you all my goal and how it ended up! I am somewhat treating this marathon is my 1st one. Seeing that I did not have the ideal 1st marathon experience ....stupid IT Band!

Training--> I had the time of my life training for this! I had a great coach, yes he may live 700 miles away. But it was one of the best experiences I have had training since I was a swimmer back in college and high school. I just hope after this he will still be willing to continue with some of my crazy questions and thoughts! I have learned a lot but I know there is a lot more to be learned! plus I have more goals to accomplish!! 

Next time I write I will be saying I am a Marathoner!!!! (again!) 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Half Marathon + 8miles...& taper begins

The final long, long run is in the books, and taper is about to begin! Detroit Marathon is only 16 short days away!! And can I say I am excited and ready!! 
On Sunday I went to one of my old 'home' towns to run in the Brooksie Way Half Marathon. I say 'home' because I went to Oakland University and lived and then worked in the area for many years and it was only 30mins from my actually home. The Rochester area is a very nice and pretty area! I actually had 21 miles scheduled for today and yes I did get all 21 miles in! But before getting into the run I guess I need to start with the expo. The expo was on the campus, and oh how the campus has changed since I was there!! So many new buildings including the rec center! Such a nice change from what it was when I was there, and I was a swimmer when I went to Oakland so I huge change! I have to say I did not expect to see the expo I saw! It was a lot bigger then I had expected and had a huge variety of vendors! I wish I had gotten then earlier then 6:30pm on Saturday! But then again my credit card is happy I didn't get there to early... But I did make one stop at a vendor that had a charms and I finally got a 26.2 charm for my Pandora Bracelet!
& he did let me know that he will be a Detroit with a special Detroit Charm!! So will have to hunt his booth down when at Detroit Expo, and no I do not remember the name of the vendor! I also saw a sign saying that Desi was going to be there..but I was in a time crunch never got to read the details...I guess I should have! So I got my bib and my very bright green shirt! and off to my Mom's to stay for the night. She lives 20mins from Oakland a whole lot closer then East Lansing so didn't have to get up super super early. 

The day of the race I had 21 scheduled! So I had to get in 8 miles prior to the actual race. I was not racing this race it was just a run and run down memory lane! So I got to Oakland and with the help from Matt at Faster than a Turtle found a great parking spot away. Plus I had been talking with him and he helped me make a pre-race/run route! He lives in the area and it has been many years since I have been out there so a little help was needed! But once I got out there running, it all came back to me of where I was at! So I started out at about 6:10am and made it back to my car little after 7am where I meet up with Matt and his wife Janet. From where we were parked we jogged to the start line which brought my pre race run at 7.75 miles. Yes I was .25 miles off but don't worry I will get to 21! Once we got the start line we dropped off our bags, and I put my long sleeve into bag check, at first I was worried but 4 miles into the run I was happy I got rid of my long sleeve. But I did keep my gloves on the entire time! 

I also used this race as a 'dry run' of what I would do or not do for the actually race in Detroit. I ran with out my water bottle. Something I have been doing on all of my training runs since moving to Michigan. I don't have any pre-arraigned water stops up here like I did back in Bama. So I did this race to see what it would be like to run with out and take advantage of the water stops. What I learned, is that I will run with my handheld until its empty. I will work on running and drinking out of cups for the next race but for this one I am going with my handheld. At the end of the run I was thirsty and felt like I never could get a real gulp down. So I am happy about having this trial run! I have ordered a replacement handheld so if or when I dump my handheld I will have 1 in reserve. 

As for the race itself, I put myself in the 10min/mile pace group. I was scheduled to be at a 10:15 pace, but ended up closer to 10min pace. But felt great the entire time, ok not the entire time....the hills! It is called Rochester Hills for a reason! They were not horrible, they were very close to the ones I ran on a daily basis in Bama, but when I have been running in the flat land of East Lansing they were a bit of shock to the legs. But I did not walk any of them, and I only got off pace by 15sec or so on each of them. So I was proud of myself. 
The race itself was a great scenic tour of the town and a huge trip down memory lane for me! I enjoyed every minute of it! And yes, will most likely go back next year. As for that .25 I had to get in! Well....I crossed the finish line, graped my medal and heat sheet and just kept running! Let me tell you it's a bit hard to keep running when you have to weave through people who are done! and then I made to the parking lot and just did a few circles and I'm sure the people where looking at me like I was a crazy person! But oh well...marathon training got to get it in!!

Having fun at the end of  a 21mile run!
My reward for a 21mile run with a 13.1 during it!

Keep running happy!!! 

Questions of the post......

Do you train with a hand held or fuel belt? If so what do you do on race day?

Have you ever ran a race plus more miles??