Wednesday, October 31, 2012

the week after Detroit Marathon

It is now over a week post the Detroit Marathon. And I am able to walk with out a gimp any longer and I have even gotten a few runs in! On Saturday I went on my 1st run back, and yes it felt slow and the legs a little heavy but no pain or discomfort! So I was happy to be able to run seeing that I had the Wicked Halloween 10k race to run in on Sunday. Yes it was a race, but I was not racing it, it was for yet another easy recovery run. It was fun I traveled with one of my friends, Kristen, from East Lansing and meet up with Sharry who I met via twitter but finally in person at the Detroit Expo. & we got into the full occasion of the event! I also go to finally met Megan from Watch Me Go Run.
Megan as the Bee, me as Dorothy, Sharry as Pippi, & Kristen as Minnie

It was a really nice route and great set up for a race. Next year the running company who puts this on is doing a Triple Crown with their races! Run all 3 get an extra medal! It's all about the bling right!!

But since the real race has come and gone, I have time to reflect on the race. And think of what I did right and wrong.

I feel that my training was spot on! With a huge thanks to my coach Alex with Resolute Running. My carb loading was spot on as well, and this was the first time I did it the proper way. Eating a bowl of spaghetti the night before is just not enough I found out! My hydration was great ---the day before and the morning of the race. Where I went wrong was during the race! I kept reminding those I was running with to get water at the aid stations, but I who was holding my own water bottle did not drink enough. I think that is why my nausea/vomit issues came into play. At least I have learned and will improve on the next one! As for the next one (Marathon), it will be at Flying Pig Marathon. I have other races starting to get lined up...but that's another post to follow next week sometime! 


  1. I think it's great you were really able to hone in on what you can improve for the next time!
    Interesting to read about the carb loading because I'll be training for my first marathon soon, and I really have no idea about any of that!

    1. yep, I learned its a 3 day build up and not just the night before. good luck with your training. What race are you doing?