Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Out with the old in with the New.....

As the year comes to an end, it makes most of us reflect on the year we are leaving and the year we are headed into! As for me I am doing the same.
It has been quite a year! A year ago today I was sitting in Alabama with no idea what 2012 would bring or that I would be back in my home state of Michigan again. 

This plate will sum it all up!

As for year of running I accomplished so much more then I never imagined that I could. I can honestly say I am a runner, and it is a part of my soul now. Yes I have become of those people who plans weekend events around running, and how to fit in my runs during the week. But I don't know that I would trade it in for anything. And I am so thankful that I have a husband that still puts up with my crazy running life! 
My wonderful Husband & I in New Orleans @ 2012 Sugar Bowl {Go Blue}

In March I ran my 1st know that thing I [once] said I would Never do...I did! I ran with my friend and training buddy from Alabama, who helped me achieve this goal! 

Georgia Marathon! Stef & I at the end of 26.2.

In March another life change was starting. My husband was given a chance to change auto plants from the one in Alabama to one in Michigan, where we are both from. We had talked about the possibility of moving back home, but never gave much thought about it until this opportunity came about. And it happened so quickly! Literally the week of the marathon and the week after the marathon did all of this take place, and in April he was up in Michigan starting his new position and our now [new] old home. 
I stayed in Alabama for another couple of months. And I made the most of the time I had while down there. I made sure to run with my Running Family <---- click there to read abou them) as much as I could. I was very lucky to have found such a great group of people! I have to say one of my funnest memories before leaving was running in the Dixie Relay! 200 miles with 10 other people going from Atlanta to Birmingham, it was a great way to end the time I was living in the south! 

Dirty Dozen @ Dixie 200 Relay! 
I so happy for the friends and runners I have met and made while living in Alabama, and it is true the south gets into your heart and soul and stays! 

In June I made my move up to Michigan. And the first thing I did was [of course] look for races and runners! I started with running the Ann Arbor Half Marathon! Which was a great race, except for the events that happened in my life the night before. {if interested read about them here---->crazy night before a race} And after that race, the official start of Detroit Marathon training began! I was so very excited to start this training, I had a plan, a running coach and best part no job! I was in work limbo with the move and was putting finding a job on hold until we got more situated with our move, like get a house!  So I got to spend most of my time training and not having to get up at 5 in the morning! Which was awesome...if only I could be super fast and be an elite runner and have that my life! a girl can dream! 
I also started to run with a new group of people. And I am so happy to found this group of runners! I can say that I am very lucky to have found this group! I may be one of the 'crazy' runner people out of the group, but many of them joined me on my long runs on the weekend and from that I have gained a few good friends.  I met Chelsea who was also training for Detroit Marathon (her 1st) and we were at the same pace so it worked out well. And we spent many good quality miles and hours on the roads this summer and fall! and seeing many more miles together. I was also lucky to meet Kristen who was crazy enough to come and run in costume on Halloween weekend with me! & now she is signed up for her 1st marathon, so I will get to spend some quality miles on the road as I start training for Flying Pig in a few weeks. And to all the other great people I have met at the Mid-Michigan Running group, Mark, Bob, Tim and every one else...I am happy to have met you and happy that I can call you part of my running family. 

Mid-Michigan Running Group

October was the highlight of the running year! the Detroit Marathon!  I finally got to see what all that training was going to show! And I could not have been happier! And I got to run with one of my Resolute Running teammates from Alabama, even though Vann was well ahead of me! 
after running 26.2 
Vann & I prior to race! Team RR

I feel as if I could go on and on about the wonderful year that I have had! It has been filled with so many ups and a few downs, but all in all it has been a great year! I accomplished so many running goals! I set a new PR in a 5k, 10k, and a marathon! Yep, a marathon...that thing I said I woul Never do!! I am looking forward to what 2013 has to bring! 

 I am grateful to have my wonderful husband, my real family, and my running family here in Michigan and those in Alabama. 

I have been working on my goals for 2013, and one of them is to work on blogging more often, & part of that will be blogging on my running goals! So you will have to stay tuned!!