Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1st race back in Michigan, Ann Arbor Half Marathon

When I found out I was moving back to Michigan, one of the first things I did was look for a race! I figured why not, might be able to meet some new people and it would keep me motivated to keep running! So the first race that I signed up for was the Ann Arbor half marathon. It was in the inaugural year for this full and half marathon event. Which didn't bother me, it was a race being ran through Ann Arbor one of my favorite cities. 
Over the past few weeks I had kept my running up, and I had been feeling great! When I ran as part of the Dixie 200 relay race I had some of my best runs! I felt ready, I was aiming to make a PR, I wanted a 1:50, and I had felt ready for it! But then race day occured.....

Let's first start with the night before...
         Usually the night before I try to have a nice peacefully relaxing evening. And it had started out that way, my husband I spent the afternoon looking at houses after I got back from helping out at the expo for the race. We were about to decided on dinner, I was looking forward to having a small meal and then going to bed. 
Brady after surgery
Bo & Brady on a normal walk
That all changed when I took my 2 Boston's outside after their dinner. For some reason our walk did not go as planned....a fight between brothers occured and a trip to the Emergency Vet and then onto the  Michigan State Vet School. Some how during the fight, eye trauma occured and Brady is now a one eyed wonder dog. So needless to say my night was filled with a lot more stress then I typically would like the night before a race. It wasn't till after 10pm did I hear that he was out of surgery. But he is all better now, and Bo and Brady are slowly getting back to normal. I think once the e-collar goes away that will make life easier!
Brady telling Bo he forgive's him. 

So onto the actually race....after 6 hours of sleep I got up with only needing one of my three alarms I had set just in case! Onto Ann Arbor I went at 5:15am. I was able to easily find a parking spot, just across from the Big House!! If only it was Football Saturday...aww but that will be here soon enough.

When I got there, I had driven though some rain showers on the way, but on radar it looked like it was going to miss Ann Arbor! But the humidity did not miss Ann Arbor! It was a lot more humid then predicited! But I still felt ok. As I lined up, I had the usually pre-race nerves, the same ones I would get when I used to swim in college and highschool. I felt ready! And off I went at 7:05am. I felt great....i kept looking at my garmin and the avg.pace was just where I wanted it to be (8:20min/mile). And then the Hills that I kept hearing about came and kept coming. I was not worried about the hills at all, I had been running in Birmingham, AL, where I couldn't get away from hills. But since I have been in Okemos, for the past 3 weeks it is flat as can be. And after 7miles or so of hills, and still more in sight, they took their toll! I was just over it! And then I got tired. The hills started to piss me off, and the humidity didn't help and stressful night from the night before and lack of sleep all caught up to me at mile 9 or so. I now truley believe that running is just mental as physical, because I checked out! I hate that I did it, i was on track to do great and I had felt great. But I mentally checked out.  
Even though it was not the race I had wanted I still finished, it was my 4th marathon, and my second one under 2 hours (1:59:29). So I have to stop beating myself up about it. I have to remember the day when I said I would never run a marathon and here I just finished number 4 in just over a year! 
Finish of Half Marathon #4

Did you race this weekend? how did it go?

Have You ever checked out of a race?

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  1. My goodness what a freaking night pre-race!!! A2 has sooo many hills, SOOO many, it's hard to be prepared even if you are. Great job out there on a humid day! Can't wait to meet you tomorrow!