Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dixie Dirty Dozen The Finish

The Finish Line

So after 200 miles and 32 hours we made our way into Oak Mountain, the finish line! Us in van 1 had been done with our runs since around noon, but van 2 had to finish their legs and run into the park! While we waited for the other van to get into the park, some of our van took showers and got cleaned up at Kevin's house. Me, I went and picked up my dogs from their "hotel" and brought them home. I knew that if I had taken a shower I would be done for the day! But I met back up with my van mates at Kevin's house, while we waited to head over to the finish line. A big thanks go his wife for making us breakfast and allowing 5 stinking tired runners into their home.
Around 2:30 we headed over to the park to watch and cheer in the runners coming in! and enjoy some post-race food, beer and fun!
Why we run?!
We didn't have to long to wait for our runners to come in! 
Team Wheels in the Sky

Team Relay RockStars

Team Dirty Dozen Finish Photo

When I had signed up for this event I had no idea what I was getting into or that this event would be a part of my good-bye to the south. I am so happy that I signed up to do this!! It was a weekend filled with memories that will last a life time! Who cares about the lack of sleep, being stuffed in a van with 5 of your new closest friends, lack of eating normally and running where you never thought you would ever run!? It was my last run in the south, as the week after I was making my move back to Michigan after living in Alabama for 8 years! It was great send with people that will be friends for years to come and doing something I love, running! 

After we had all parted our ways for the day, I was on the post race high we all get...and started looking for the next relay race!! After googling Relay run races I was shocked at how many there are!! So I am ready for the next one..just got to get the 'band back together'

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