Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Running while away

As I sit here awake in Green Bay, gotta love central time, when living in Eastern time! It started me thinking of running in new city's. I usually try to run in any new city when I travel. It sadly did not work for me on this trip, due to a 3 hour delay on my flight yesterday. Yes, I could go run right now, but I have plans to run with my group tonight and not looking to do a two a day!
But it made me think my favorite place to run while out of town so far has been in California! I was there in August for a wedding, and I even ran a 19 mile run along the water. That has to be one of the most beautiful runs I have ever done, and I could have gotten used to that!
I posted pictures of my sights from running on the west coast. As I'm posting this from my phone not sure how they are going to end up on the blog, & not able to label them.

When you going on a trip do you try to run when in a new city?

What is your favorite city to run in?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Don't Stop Believing......

So as I did my run today after I voted....yes I ran from my house a whole .2miles to the voting center... and then I finished a 6 mile run.

Today was the longest run I have run with my headphones on since the Detroit Marathon and I didn't realize I had made such a good play list! When I ran in Detroit I had only 1 earbud (ok..Yurbud). And I was running with a partner and my brain was focused on the run and the music was just kind of there. But I do remember 1 song and the place I was at when it played....

I was actually in Canada when this song started and to my left across the Detroit river was Joe Louis Arena! I promise not planned at all, I use a shuffle! And as a Michigander and a hockey fan.....we all know this is played at every Red Wings Hockey game and every fan "is just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit" 
But as the song played again today, it made me think I don't want to stop Believing in the goals I have for running! Last week I wrote out my goals that I want to achieve in my life as a runner. I made them realistic and hopefully achievable. I am looking forward to 2013 and hope to cross of my goals as completed! Now the question is to make the public or not!...haha!! 

Did you get out there and vote today?

Do you make goals a year in advanced or race by race?