Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sinus infection, half-marathon, and lighting

A week with a sinus infection...uggg!! I got sick for the 1st time late last week for the 1st time in many years! Looking back, the 17 miles I ran the past Saturday was probably not a good idea! Rest would have been better, but my brain said I could do it! the week went on the body felt worse and the head was so stuffed! I even broke down and went to a doctor when all the OTC meds were doing nothing anymore. That is where they told me I had a sinus infection and started antibiotics. And from Tuesday on I did something I have not done in a while as well...Rest!! Seeing that I have been running for 2 years now, going more then 3 days with no run was difficult!! But I went 5 days with out any running, I did squeeze in a strength training day at the end of week, when I could actually breath a little better.
But not running all week when there is a race planned for Saturday, I was nervous and not sure I really was up for it! Especially because I told myself 3 weeks ago I was going to race it and try for a PR..1:50. But seeing that I was sick all week, I knew a PR might not happen. Then as it got closer I wasn't even really sure I was all into the run!
So the weekend was a planned Half-Marathon down in Auburn, AL. So a group of us from the Helena Endurance Running Group (HERG's) made the 2 hour drive south on Friday night. We meet for a nice carb loading pasta dinner at a very nice local restaurant... Provino's, which if your ever in the area I do highly recommended!! Very tasty salad, rolls and everyone had empty dinner plates. We finished dinner and went back to the condo we were staying at for the night. And we looked at the weather..... looked like rain! ok..i could handle that (i think) you see I have never ran in the rain and I used to say i will NEVER run in the rain! But it's a race so...get ready to get wet!
Well...the weather made quite a change overnight...I woke up not to my alarm clock but to my Weather App on my iPhone...iMapWeatherRadio with a tornado watch!!! and then the lighting started...So checked facebook and emails and the race had posted the race has been cancelled! Saftey First!! So in a way I was a bit happy, because I was just not feeling it! We did get our packets the night before, so a new shirt! Plus they were nice enough to still give our medals!! So at least a story!!

I did go and get a run in, after all the storms did pass through. First run after being out all week! It was a bit rough, 12.5 miles but the lungs and head were still trying to recover!

Now back to feeling better this week and get my last 6 weeks in for training for my 1st Marathon in Atlanta!

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