Monday, January 16, 2012

Mittens for a run?!

I made a little field trip to one of the nicest running stores here in Birmingham, Fleet Feet. I went to get a couple new lights, seeing that they have both fallen and bit the dust... I got the traditional red flashy light as well as One of my favorite lights to run with! But I also went with a mission to get new gloves! especially after my problem on Saturday. When i got there I went to the gloves and one of the associates came to help (and I can't remember his name, which I hate) and was so very helpful and had great tips!! I explained my problem and he had a great idea tha he uses that he shared. He told me that he as well gets cold fingers. What he has done is use the normal gloves but then places a pair of socks over them (thats what he had laying around) but suggested to maybe get a pair of mittens. It would keep the fingers warm and keep the heat all in one area, which so made sense! But there were no mittens at the store today, so online shopping I will go! But I did get my lights and a refill of Peach Tea GU chomps, Yummy!!
But maybe if I'm Lucky if I buy the mittens we will not have anymore cold runs this season??! a girl can wish and dream!!

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