Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cold Run with a Cold

So this Saturday I had my long run…and let me tell you it was long!! It may have only been 17 miles but it felt like it never wanted to end. But when training for a marathon, let alone your 1st no time for skipping!! Especially when it is only 10 weeks away! I had been feeling great during the week! Got a run in Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, all which felt great. Even the Tuesday night run that started with a bit of a drizzle! But Wednesday night I started getting that stuffy head feeling! And then Thursday morning it hit me…I have a cold, the 1st one in many years!! My body ached, I couldn’t breath and everything was stuffy!! I even called off my Thursday night training session at the gym to go home and get rest.  The rest was a good thing! When I woke up Friday I felt a little better, but still stuffy! So I kept up the fluid intake as well as the cold meds! Needed something to give me relief and I knew I had a long run to do on Saturday.
I knew Saturday’s run might be difficult but when I got up, I was surprised to feel ok and was able to breath somewhat normally! I also was very prepared for a very chilly run, I think my coldest run yet! Started at 24 degrees and it’s Alabama!! I had my long running pants, my Nike procombat long sleeve shirt, Nike Pullover, tshirt, and Brooks Running vest, so many layers. Plus a scarf, ear warmer, and 2 pairs of gloves! I should be warm, right?!
The start of the run
The first 6 miles of the vampire run, went well not a great pace but for having a cold it will do! And I was still warm! It wasn’t until Mile 11 that things went south!! We had a water break, and after thinking about it, way to long of a break. My hands got cold, very cold, even with 2 pairs of gloves on! And by mile 12 I was ready to quit, my hands hurt so much that I wanted to cry. They felt like 2 large ice bricks!! So has the 3 other guys ran down the cul-de-sac I stopped and tried to get normal feeling back into my hands, was trying to use body heat any way possible. But that wasn’t working. But thankfully being with a group, Brooke, Tom, and Mark came out of the cul-de-sac and helped!! Brooke and Tom were able to help get feeling back into my hands and even had a tebow reference!! But with out them I was ready to find anyway home possible! It was kind of sad that it was my hands that hurt and not my legs or anything else, at least I wasn’t thinking about my cold anymore! But after that little mishap it was off to the final stretch home, via the Hillsboro parkway. And yes there are Hills involved!! Nothing like embracing the hills at mile 14!! But got to! I hear the Georgia Publix marathon might be a little hilly!! And I am embracing the hills which I never thought I would say!!

So this run was a bit of learning experience! Yes you can run with a cold, and I need better gloves!! My hands always get cold, and this time the double glove didn’t work so off to the store this week to get new warmer ones!!
After our run, it was time to meet the rest of the Helena Endurance Running Group (HERG) at La Reunion for coffee. Which was oh so warm!! i usually would have also got a bagel, but I got a great new waffle maker for christmas so, that is my new post long run treat!!
Post Run treat...Yummy!

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