Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year New Blog

So I have been thinking that writing a blog would help keep track of my journeys in running! So why not start it as the New Year approaches! I started running in March 2010, according to my Nike+ sensor and log that I have. I started the week I got back from visiting NYC and the Nike Store a little shopping got me in the mood to get back in shape. I started because I was tired of being overweight and out of shape! And mind you I used to say I hate running and I would never run again!! I used to have to run for training when I was a swimmer. Which I did from my middle school years to college years! Well, life after swimming began and being in shape was easy then, until the “real world” hit. It wasn’t really until 10 years later that staying in shape became difficult. My husband and I moved from the home I only knew of Michigan to our new home in Alabama. And here in Alabama is the land of BBQ and southern comfort food! All of which for the first 3 years of living down here I tried!! With all of the tastings of new foods I did not find a gym and remember I said I would never run!! And then I looked at pictures and I was buying new clothes all the time, not because they looked nice, because I couldn’t fit in what I had! :( 
This was the summer of 2009

I wanted and needed a change!!
My good friend Jennie, who lives in Ohio, had started running, so I thought if she can do by god I could do it! So I did. And the first few times it sucked!! And I again said I will never stick with this…it hurts, it’s hard, and it’s not fun! Also at this time Snap Fitness opened right around the corner from my house, and they were advertising Boot Camps, and you didn’t have to be a member. So I thought why not try it for a month…. what did I have to lose (except some pounds!) Well that was one of the best decisions I had ever made! I was leery of doing it, see classes were Monday, Wednesday, & Friday nights...yep Friday nights!! Yet again another never, never would I work out on a Friday!  But I found out after the 1st week a good cocktail tasted even better after a good workout! So I continued the boot camp sessions for 4 months and meet one of the best trainers, Anna, who I still work out with once a week!

Summer 2011

Now almost 2 years later I am still running and really enjoying it!! And many of the never’s that I had said…I am now doing!!

Here is the short list of the NEVERS:

  • Þ        Never run
  • Þ      Never run a race
  • Þ    Never run over 3 miles
  • Þ   Never run half-marathon
  • Þ   Never run a full marathon

I have some of those checked off as a done…and will post recaps of how I accomplished them as well!

I hope this will help some of you when that evil word is lingering in your head…”never”
Never say Never!!