Friday, June 15, 2012

to Run with Music or Not?!

To run with music or not, that is such a big question some days! And most everyone has their own opinion on it
I personally enjoy running with music! I feel that with what ever type of music I have on will help the tempo of the run. If I am out for an easy run, I make sure to have a playlist with slower paced songs, if I am out for speed work or tempo run I make sure to have a fast beat, faster music on the playlist. 
There are even websites out there that can recommend songs for what pace you are trying to set: http:Songs for 8:15min/mile pace 
There are many Studies showing the benefits of music and activity, whether it be running or cycling. 
In the current study, published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 30 subjects synchronised their pace to the tempo of the music which was 125 bpm. Before the experiment, a pool of music was rated using a questionnaire tool (the Brunel Music Rating Inventory) which then selected the most motivational pieces for the treadmill test. The subjects were given a choice of either pop or rock music.
When compared to a no-music control, the motivational synchronised music led to a 15 percent improvement in endurance.
"The synchronous application of music resulted in much higher endurance while the motivational qualities of the music impacted significantly on the interpretation of fatigue symptoms right up to the point of voluntary exhaustion," Karageorghis reported.

When I am out running with a group or a running partner, I do not feel the need for music, because the conversation is usually better then music! But now that I am back running most of my runs alone, I will enjoy my iPod and Yurbuds!

In 2 days I am running at The Ann Arbor half marathon and my goal for this race is to get a PR!! And this will be my 2nd race that I will be running where I will not be with a running partner, so headphones will be on!! And seeing that the race will be starting at the Big House I think it would only be fitting that the first song on the playlist is The Victors! Go Blue!!

Do you run with or with out headphones?

What is your "powersong" that makes you dig deep?


  1. Great idea on The Victors! yes, i always love to run with music. I can still hear, feel, and see the crowd, and it just makes for a much more intense experience. I love "Lose Yourself" by Eminem to run with, and my new favorite, "defying gravity" from Wicked.

  2. Always run with music. For safety, keep one ear open with single earbuds from

  3. Hi! Great blog! I always run with music in one ear; somehow I feel it helps drown out the annoying panting of my breath and I start to lose my mental state if I can hear my feet hitting the pavement for too long - I know some runners need to hear their feet landing but to me it makes the run seem that much longer! Hahaha good luck training for Detroit- I will be running the half :)

  4. Barclee, Good point about drowning out the sounds of ourselves! I can run with out music if with people and talking but when on my own, I need something to keep me going and music is a great way! Good luck in the half!