Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Taper time, a time to reflect

Just 4 short days away from the day I have waiting for many months now! When I signed up for the Detroit Marathon I still had not run my 1st marathon, and I had only ran a 20mile run once! But I was already signed up for the Georgia Marathon and I signed up for Detroit the 1st week that registration opened so I got in for a bargain! At the time I signed up I figured I would use the weekend to go up to Michigan visit family because I was still living in Alabama. Hows things have I am back living in Michigan!  
I am taking this taper time as a time to reflect a bit on this journey to the Detroit Marathon. 

As many of you know I started running while I was living in Alabama. I met a great group of people that have helped, and encouraged myself and others on obtaining their goals. You can read about my running family here----> Running Family 
So when I made the move to Michigan I was a bit scared and worried about finding a new family. And I can honestly say I have found a new running family. I am still getting to know everyone but we have had some great long runs and midweek beer runs and of course the new Monday night cupcakes runs! I am happy to have found a new runner partner. Part way through the summer I found out she was also running Detroit as her 1st marathon! And we have started to do some of our long weekend runs together, and now in 4 days we will be running together to achieve the same goal. 

Taper time---> some don't like it. Me I enjoy it and embrace it. I enjoy having less running miles and a few days off. Makes that next time to run even more exciting and fresh. And that is what I am hoping for on Sunday. Fresh legs and major excitement!

Goal--> I have one and I almost afraid to say it out loud as in possible jinking it! I have been working hard and next week I will tell you all my goal and how it ended up! I am somewhat treating this marathon is my 1st one. Seeing that I did not have the ideal 1st marathon experience ....stupid IT Band!

Training--> I had the time of my life training for this! I had a great coach, yes he may live 700 miles away. But it was one of the best experiences I have had training since I was a swimmer back in college and high school. I just hope after this he will still be willing to continue with some of my crazy questions and thoughts! I have learned a lot but I know there is a lot more to be learned! plus I have more goals to accomplish!! 

Next time I write I will be saying I am a Marathoner!!!! (again!) 

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