Monday, February 6, 2012

22 Miles during a taper week?!?!

This is what I am working for!!
This past Saturday I had one of my longest runs planned in training for my 1st Full Marathon, The Publix Georgia Marathon,  which again I never thought I would say I would do! But I am getting excited and a bit nervous. But after this past run, I am feeling a little better about it. I had 22 scheduled to run, but everyone in my running group is on taper mode for the Mercedes Marathon. So they only had 10-12 miles to run. needless to say I knew going into the run i would be by myself for at least 10-12 miles!
The forecast had called for rain, which i was not so happy about! But when I woke up, the rain was gone and the temp was perfect!! It was not to cold and not to warm. I even ran in capri's and tank!! Which for me is out of the ordianary! I am usually the cold one!! At the start of the run everything felt great! Even at mile 10 everything felt great! Then I was on my own, with my iPod!! and Silly me decided I need to find extra miles, try some new areas...but those areas just happen to be some of the hilliest areas, maybe not the greatest idea, but at the time i needed to find some miles! After looking at my training log from my new Garmin it showed what not a good idea it was. I know that Georgia will be hilly, so maybe in the long run it will work out!!

My new running toy!
But what I did learn, is running with people is such a help!! Not only mentally but physically!! I wish all my running friends best of luck this weekend at the Mercedes Marathon, and I sooooo can't wait till its my taper week!!

I also learned that after doing 22miles, I think I really can do another 4.2!!

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