Sunday, May 6, 2012

The unplanned rest weekend

For the past month my husband and I have been in a transition. A transition of moving from Alabama back to Michigan. He started his new job the 1st week of April, while I have been in Alabama taking care of the house (trying to get it to sell) working and living with our dogs (kids). So there have been a lot of Facetime and phone calls over the past month. He did come down 2 weeks ago, so that we could spend the weekend at the beach with my Dad and family. But we still were not alone, had family time which was a great weekend. 
So this weekend is here, it was planned for me to come up and we would drive around and search for the area we wanted to live. The last few weeks leading up to this trip I had been searching the Internet for running groups and routes. I had every intention on running this weekend. I had gotten my running bug back and runs had been feeling great! On Friday Mike had gone to work for the morning, so I got up and did an easy 4miles around the 'apt.' (hotel) where we will be staying until we get our new house. I just went up and down the main road, but found a bunch of side roads, Which will be great when I need to get the higher miles in! Training for Detroit Marathon is soon to officially begin!! The run felt great, it wasn't hot, and perfect temps. 
I had found a group that was going to be running at 8am on Saturday and I was all ready to go do that. Then I realized that I can run anytime, but in this time in my (our) life we can not see each other everyday.  So I decided to not wake up to an alarm, and just get up when ever the body wanted to get up. and I would wake up to the hubby! Did/do i feel guilty about not running, a little bit. But seeing that I was able to sleep in I think my body does appreciate this unplanned rest weekend. This is my 1st weekend without a run since October (when in Vegas!) So maybe it was good to have a rest weekend. 

Last Summer on Vacation
Do you have planned or unplanned rest weekends? 
Is there a voice in your head when you rest saying you should be out there? or do you ignore it!

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