Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Visit to the local running store

Day 2 of #RWrunstreak was spent running new roads in the new home town. I went out with the intention of 5 miles, at an easy pace. The pace I actually kept right were I wanted (9:20min/mile) I ended up with 5.5 miles, just because of new roads took a little longer to get back home then I thought. But On this new adventure did find a bunch of side roads that will be good to use when I start upping my miles! I am not a big fan of any repeats on a run, and I have to run as far away from home to make sure I do all my miles. As soon as I see home, my brain switches to "we're done" mode! Which is not good when needing to do a 10+more mile run!!
Playmakers (local Running Store)
After the run today and taking care of the dogs...I traveled out to visit the local running store here in town! Yep, you know you are a runner if your 1st store you visit in a new town is the running store.
So this store was HUGE!!! It had a bit everything! and no I didn't need anything, but who couldn't uses a new pair of socks! I bought a pair of Feetures Socks, something new to try! And of course stocked up a new flavor (to try) of Grape Nuun. Now that I am running with a water bottle trying all the flavors I can! So far I have tried Fruit Punch and Strawberry Lemonade, out of those 2 Strawberry Lemonade is winning.
Those that work in the store were super friendly and helpful! They offer at the store a free running analysis and free injury clinic! I hope to not have to visit the injury clinic but the running analysis I will be checking out! I will try it out, once I hear what my form is like now that was evaluated a couple weeks ago by my running coach. ...oh yeah, running coach..to be a blog post in the future!!

Do you have a favorite Nuun Flavor?

If you have moved as a runner what was the 1st thing you did to get into the running community?

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