Monday, May 28, 2012

New location & start of a streak

After a 12 hour car ride yesterday, I was ready for a run this morning. Yesterday my husband, 3 dogs, & 1 cat packed up my Jeep with the few essentials and made our trek from Helena, Al to Okemos, MI. We are moving back home, ok not same home or city, but Michigan is home to us.
So today is also the start to the Runners World Summer Run Streak! All you have to do is run at least 1 mile every day until July 4th! and seeing that I have no job at the moment, I should have some time to do this. No job is just a small part of the whole moving process...details to come later. I also hope to do a blog entry everyday as part of this run streak!! There's been a lot of fun stuff to get caught up on.
I also know that there a few of my running friends in Birmingham, AL that will also being doing the #RWrunstreak so knowing that IT WILL keep me accountable in doing this streak. You can follow them on Twitter at @5littleindians & @tlsylvan & @rlyle0951 (& his run streak has been going on much longer then this streak will be long!!

So today was 4miles this morning to explore a bit, and the start of the Runners World Summer Run Streak.

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