Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What the Pig Taught Me.....

The Flying Pig marathon was a race that humbled me and made once again realize that running a marathon is work! Not only physically but mentally as well! 

Before I go into what I learned let me say that I really loved this whole event!! The expo was amazing!! It was huge, and even though I didn't spend a whole of time there, it had everything you ever wanted! The swag that came from the race was awesome! A great shirt (that fits!), the annual poster that goes with the race, & nice big cooler that will be nice to hold cold adult beverages! But it was the crowd support that was amazing! There were people everywhere and that was so awesome! It made me get a feel of what Chicago will be like. These people go all out for this race and that was so cool! The best water stops were on the long stretch of the highway....Michigan fans were handing out Gu nice to yell Go Blue! and right after them was the Parrot Head club..Fins Up! __/)__ And after crossing the the Finish Swine the after party was amazing. Even though I couldn't focus to much it was easy to navigate to where to go. 

Would I do this race again? ---> Yes! Maybe only half of it. 
Would I recommend anyone to do it?---> Yes!! 

So what did I learn:

  • Running a marathon is work! You can do all the training you want but come race day "it just doesn't happen"
  • Seeing that I know live and run in the flat land of Michigan find a race that is not so hilly! The hills would been 'easier' had I still lived in Alabama where you can't get away from the hills.
  • Maybe look for a spring marathon later in the spring, to allow for more time to get adjusted to the weather change. 5 days of above 40 degrees is not enough time for your body to get adjusted to warmer temps come race day! 
  • I learned how to hydrate during the race a whole lot better then my time in Detroit
  • I learned that oranges never tasted so good! 
  • I need to try something other then Gu, I couldn't suck down a whole packet.
  • I need to keep my brain in it! It was brain that quit before my body....but I still finished and I was not going to Quit!!!
  • And 12 hours later, the main thing I learned is that it is OK to not reach your goal, as long as you come away from it learning something!
No I did not reach my goal time, but I FINISHED my 3rd marathon!! Something I thought I would NEVER be able to say.

Medal and Beer...well earned!

I now have a big chip on my shoulder and ready to Dig Deep and Dream Big for the Chicago Marathon in October. 
 Coach Alex is well aware of this and I'm ready for what ever he throws at me!

So no the race didn't go as I would had liked, but I am at peace with it and ready to tackle the next one! I still have the drive to finish the next one, Stronger and better then ever!!


  1. Congrats on the 3rd marathon! That sounds amazing (3rd!!)

    I never cared much for Gu - when I was training for my marathon I tried several gels and this one was the best:


    If you figure out how to leave your brain in for the whole run let me know how that works - that was definitely the hardest part for me, as well!

    Hope to see you tonight at Cupcake Run!

  2. That's huge that you completed your third marathon! I feel like my marathons have a definite yo-yo cycle. It's kind of the beauty of the marathon that it is so unpredictable based on the elements of the day. You will reach your time goals!

  3. Try huma brand, chia energy gels. They are a pretty new company outbof Nashville. All natural ingredients, better texture than gu and a lot less stomach upset to follow!

  4. Last year it was 66 with 80% humidity to start and 75 at finish. Crazy hot and a tough one when we are not used to the heat and humidity and hills in Michigan. It's the HHH threat. Congrats!

  5. Hi, thanks for the follow on my blog - congrats on the Pig - we did it last year and loved it. Sounds like things could have went better for you, but you got the medal and lessons you took away. I'm sure you'll kill the next one! Great job anyway and congrats!

    1. Thanks Jim, Came across your blog last night while looking for other pig reviews! Great blog!! When you pick your Michigan race, I'd be happy to give you some suggestions! And Detroit would be top pick, you run in and out of Canada!

  6. Congrats! This was my second time running the Pig and my race didn't go as planned either. I learned things for my next marathon too! Most importantly you finished and that's something to be proud of!