Monday, May 6, 2013

The day after the Flying Pig Marathon

One hard earned Medal!

I had signed up for the Flying Pig Marathon months ago, as one of those races I just wanted to run! Then I trained all winter long! And was it a long winter!! It was a challenge going out in the cold (really cold) the snow and the ice! But I was out there. All for this race. At the beginning of the year I had told myself and coach Alex I was going to use this race as a training run, to learn more about the marathon. But as the training went on, I kind of forgot all about that statement, I was now looking for a PR and that Sub-4hour marathon. But as the race progressed the goal changed quickly from the sub-4hour marathon to just finish! 
My Story of the Flying Pig....
I originally was going to drive down to Cincinnati Friday night, and have the whole day Saturday to rest, see friends, go the expo and rest. But due to a change in my husband's work schedule plans changed. I was lucky enough to have my friend, Chelsea, drive down with me on Saturday and then drive me home on Sunday. We got up early and drove to the expo Saturday. And the expo was massive! But we only spent a short amount of time there, trying to stay off my feet! I did get to meet up with one of the girls I used to run with in Alabama. We had lunch and got to get caught up a bit, which was nice. After lunch we checked in to our hotel and took a power nap before dinner with friends of mine whose parents live in the city just off the marathon route. Dinner was great and home made! After wards it was back to the hotel and sleep time! 
I woke up at 5:15am to get ready for the 6:30 start time! I put on the clothes and checked the weather...Rain!! Good thing I packed a hat just in case! Because there was a big green cloud of rain on the radar! I packed up my bag, as Chelsea was going to check out of hotel for us. No late check out---boo to that! I headed downstairs to catch a cab over to the start line, a mile and half walk did not seem exciting before running 26.2 miles! I got to the start area and into my corral, and the nerves and excitement really hit me. It was that magical time of waiting and seeing the startline and all the excitement that goes with it! The air had a crisp feel to it, if only it stayed that way! In the corral I did see Erica and we were going to try and run together, but she wanted to wait for the porta potty line, which still had about a 15min wait after the start. I figured we would see each other on the course again, but little did I know we would not only see each other, but I would watch her crush the uphill she passed me on! Oh the hills...
As for the race.....I felt really good at the start, I was on pace, a little fast, but felt great and I slowed my self down. At mile 3.5 Chelsea jumped in for a few miles. I asked her if she checked to see if the rain was still going to come, because it got humid!  Then the hills started around mile 6-7 and this girl who now lives in the flat land did not enjoy! I knew going into it was going to be tough, and the hills were going to be there...but I didn't realize how much they were going to effect me. When Chelsea was getting ready to cut off and meet me at the finish line, I told her this was getting really hard and I didn't know if I had it in me. The hills & humidity and started to beat me down, and this was at mile 10. And while going up the "last" hill people around were saying it was the last....not sure what they were smoking because they just kept coming and coming! And when I was on flat ground, my legs and brain had slowly checked out. I tried to get back on pace but it wasn't working. The only time I know I got back on pace was the final half mile, because I was not going to allow myself go over I cruised in at an 8:50pace and finished at 4:29. Not the goal time I had hoped but then again, I did originally sign up and plan to run it as a training run. And that is how I felt about it....12 hours after the fact!! 

I was humbled and I learned a lot from this run, and because I learned from it It was not a complete fail! 

What I learned will come in another post...this one's dragged on long enough! 
Back of Medal from Marathon #3

Have you run the Flying Pig Half or Full Marathon?
& would you run it again?
(my answer is was a great event and I would recommend to anyone!!)

If a Race doesn't go as plan, did you learn anything from it? And did it make you stronger at your next race?


  1. Oh man Jen! When I got your finish text I knew something must have happened because I knew your goal. I've always heard Flying Pig was a really, really tough course and to have all that rain to boot... you are a champ for pushing through, especially when you wanted to give up. Runs/races like this are what teach us just how much determination and resolve we have, and you my friend are stronger then you realized.

    1. Thanks!! It was a tough one, and I was pissed...but I got over that and found the good out of this. I am still learning, it is only #3 But overall happy...not injured, learned how to choose a better race to PR at, and still had a great time and Finished with some nice new bling!