Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Running Partners

If it wasn't for running partners, there are some mornings I know when I hear my 5am alarm I would turn it off and roll right over and go back to sleep!! 
When I trained for my 1st half marathon over a year ago now (wow still odd to say that!!) I did it all myself. I did not know anyone in the area who ran (later to find there were lots!). So i got my sleep butt out of bed 3 mornings a week and then on Sunday's to do my long runs. I was very close with my iPod. But over the past 9 months I have meet some great people who run. With them my relationship with my iPod has almost vanished. The other great thing about being able to run with others is the increase in speed. You have to keep up with some of these people, and they are there to keep you going. There have been runs where I had been alone, I know I would have quit, but with others I am to keep going.

Running patners are great, and next month my life will be changing. I will be moving from Alabama back to my home state of Michigan! Which is good thing, but will be a huge change now that found a place of comfort down here. I hope that when I get up there, I am able to find a group of runners, even though it will be hard to beat the great group of people I run with here.
Helena Endurance Running Group "HERG'S"

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