Sunday, April 22, 2012

Running on weekend get-a-way

So this weekend I had the pleasure of going to Destin, FL. Such a beautiful location to spend a weekend get-a-way. This weekend has been planned for awhile. My dad (who lives in PA) has turned 70, and wanted to celebrate with all of his kids. So myself and husband (who flew in from MI, we're in a moving transition) drove down from Birmingham, Al. My sister and boyfriend flew down from DC, my other sister flew from Philly, and a brother came in from Seattle. Only 1 sister was missing. But this is the 1st time we have all been together since my wedding 10 years ago!! So an awesome family get together, that always is to long apart!!
But now that I have become a runner I always am on the look out for places to run when I go away somewhere! Yet another one of those things I said I would never do, run while on a vacation/get away! But now I enjoy it! It's a little break from everything! I didn't even plan out a route, I had no idea where I was going to go. But I knew I wanted to run between 8-10 miles. So at 6:15 on Saturday morning I headed out. And onto scenic 98 I went. I went down one way, to a dead end, so turned around and headed the other direction. It was perfect wether out the sun was not beating down, it was cloud covered due the storm coming in. But it was in the 60's low humidity with a breeze.
I was lost in my songs and the beauty of the gulf. That when I headed to the non-dead end way & I could see forever, with no dead ends in sight. So I just kept going straight, no side roads that I could get lost on. I turned my head once to see behind me, and that's when I noticed the sky getting darker, not lighter for the time of day. So I decided, it would be best to turn around and head back. No need to get caught in a storm, that would not make this a nice run! When I returned to the house it ended up being 9.5miles, in a nice easy pace. The other thing about this run, it was my longest solo run that I have in almost a year! Thank goodness for the scenery! Didnt even realize I was alone or how far I had been!
But after the run, I felt great and ready to start the day at the beach, even though we were stuck inside all day due to the rain! But still better to be at the beach when raining then at home or work. Especially when we were spending it with family!

When you go on vacation or weekend get away's, do you plan a run when there? Or vacation time just that a break from it all?

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