Monday, July 2, 2012

Moving, running, & (trying) to blog

My current life is crazy busy!! We finally bought a home in East Lansing, and now the move begins! The first move starts with moving out of our hotel we have been in, and next week make a trip back to Alabama to get all of our stuff! So it is going to be a busy few weeks! But it was nice to see a sold sign in our new yard!!

I am still in training mode for Detroit Marathon and as soon as I get a chance to get blog all my fun I will do so! I have photo documenting every run! Just need the time to get it up! But for now priority number 1 is to paint the rooms before our stuff comes and of course get my runs in!!

Look forward to sharing my journey of training for this marathon, and hope you will enjoy as well!

But for the time I will be painting! Now that the horrible wallpaper is off the wall!!

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