Thursday, March 8, 2012

10 day countdown....

So it is getting close! Just 10 days and I can call myself a marathon runner! Who knew I would ever say those words! I know for a fact and have been quoted say I will NEVER run a marathon! And here I sit 10 days away from doing it!
I am getting a bit nervous! But I am just going to keep mentally telling myself I can do it I can so it! And hopefully as day 0 arrives I won't be as scared and nervous as I am now!
I am an over planner, it just who I am! So I am currently working on race day options and outfits!
I have the new shoes, it was time for a new pair and a week or so before the marathon seemed like a perfect time to start a new pair! Now to decided on race day attire. I might be thinking skirt. Ran in one yesterday and it was great!
Ah the decisions to make!

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