Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 Miler & 10 Thoughts Tuesday

I know it has been such a while since I have last blogged. But life just got in the way! & I have to admit when I had down time I was just lazy about writing! But I can Promise I have been running!! Actually just finished my 10th week of my training for the Detroit Marathon! And still feeling great and feeling strong. Today I had a 10mile run scheduled and while I ran it I thought I would do a list of 10 things going on in life!

10. We are finally fully moved in and unpacked in our new house! Such a nice feeling to feel back to a normal life since we have made our move from Alabama back to Michigan.

9. It's the start of Football season!! One of my favorite times of year! & it all starts off this weekend with Michigan vs. Alabama. GO BLUE!! and seeing that I have just moved from Alabama there has been a little back and forth 'smack' talk going on! Even have a small little wager with Michael, from Alabama. That when MICHIGAN WINS he will have to wear a Michigan Shirt for at least 1 mile with his Running Group, the Village Runners. And if (by chance) Alabama wins then I have to wear a Bama shirt while running in East Lansing. 

8. The weather!! Oh my I am loving it! Just perfect!! I have already had one run in Capri's and long sleeves! I am so ready for fall. but check back with me when Michigan winter comes around!

7. Signed up for another marathon!! Flying Pig Marathon!! It has been a race I have looked at for awhile, so one day I just signed up for it! Plus it will keep me running during the Michigan winter.

6. Trip to LA!! Our good friends got married a couple weeks ago. I also had 19 miles scheduled for the Saturday of the wedding. But with my luck we were less then a mile from the beach! So 19 miles on Venice beach, Santa Monica, Marina Del Ray made for the best sight seeing trip ever!
19miles along the Pacific Ocean!

5. Few weeks back, signed up and ran a 5k Race here in Lansing! It was a great race. I ended up with a 
huge PR! A 2min PR from Last year!!  Also was 1st in my age group! yes it was a small race, but still 1st is 1st!  In addition to running the race, I had the rest of my training run to finish, 9miles after the run. Not the greatest way to do a recovery run, but had to get the miles in!

4. Have made some new running friends with the Mid Michigan Running Group. Great group and like most runners have one thing in common in addition to running, beer! Wednesday night runs ending with beer always a good idea!

3. Still on the hunt for an actually job, but not having a job has been nice for me and getting my runs in! No early early wake up calls! :)

2. Training plan. I have been asked by a few I have run with what plan do I use. Well I am using the plan from Resolute Running. Coach Alex devised the plan to tailor the needs for my goal and pace. I met Alex in Alabama and we discussed being my running coach for the Detroit Marathon well before I knew I was moving. I am very thankful that he still took me on as a 'student' even though moving to Michigan. I have learned so much from this training cycle and still have so much to learn. I am very excited to see the end result! which is only 2 months away!

1. I will try to blog more often, I do have the time to do so again! 
But until the next post Run Happy!!

~~Summer is coming to end....are you ready for Fall to Start?

~~What type of training plan do you use? 

~~It's FOOTBALL season....Are YOU READY!?

~~Are you training for a full or half Marathon for the fall? How is your training going?


  1. So nice to visit with you in this way. Enjoyed the post! Keep them coming.

  2. the name of your blog alone in inspiring enough! Nice to meet ya girly!!! You have a great blog here keep it up!!